Formed in 1979 during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Venom is one of the most notable metal bands to emerge from the UK over time (among the legions of notable bands). Recognized by many as the fathers of Black Metal itself, there’s no denying this band’s trailblazing status. They’ve had major influence on that genre along with Thrash and Extreme Metal in general.

Over time, they’ve released a total of thirteen full-length studio albums through six different record labels. Impressive to say the least. Of these, their initial ’81 and ’82 releases are widely considered the most important. First off there was “Welcome To Hell”, a fitting introduction. Their second album was literally titled “Black Metal” (hint hint wink wink). If you simply listen to / look at these records, it’s easy to see how influential they were in the grand scheme of metal things. Definitely ahead of their time while simultaneously pulling from past Heavy Metal influences.

I haven’t personally listened to many of their remaining albums, with the exception of 1984’s “At War With Satan” and their latest, 2011 offering “Fallen Angels”. But from the tidbits I’ve listened to, I’m sure they’re all damn near equally enjoyable. Speaking of which, you can enjoy some of the above down below \m/

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