From Copenhagen, Denmark is the instrumental prog-rock / post-hardcore triad Town Portal, whose last album “Chronopoly” was released in waaaaay back in 2012 but so what? I wanna talk about it right meow.

“Chronopoly” is quite the tasty treat for those looking for a new prog-rock snack. The bass and guitar’s cavernous tone serve up hefty helpings of groove rhythms, direct in delivery yet subtle in their method. Town Portal has a way of shifting unnoticeably through passages of patterns, subduing the complexity behind their compositions. Easy it is to become swallowed in the sludgy riffs.

“Samoan Maneuver” carries a trapping characteristic despite a light ambient fade out into “Entropia,” one of my favorite tracks, as well as one of the most melodic on “Chronopoly.” “Cool Face Doom Service” enters with a jangly guitar over bass and it sounds a bit like Rush’s more recent work. At least that is what I’m reminded of. Bass guitar is imperative, with a tone both dark and smooth…like molasses…or Queen Latifah.

Town Portal’s drumming is…constant. Whatever the approach may be; accenting, driving, tempo and mood altering, the drums are constantly just doing that. By never honing on a single attribute “Chronopoly” conveys an untraditional heaviness with clever structure and undertones of mathy progressions. The final two songs on “Chronopoly,” “Uncle Genie” and “Coordinated Universal Time Stretch,” make for a spectacular departure. It is songs like these where I appreciate not being distracted by vocals.

Town Portal has been somewhat in-active recently but according to their Facebook this is only temporary and plans have been made to continue writing as well as perform. “Chronopoly” is sure to get your head moving so drop the needle on Town Portal’s Bandcamp.

– Tyler Dermitt

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp