Our Artist of the Week, Uneven Structure, just released their new EP “8” for streaming in its entirety! This is the re-envisioning of their original 2009 EP “8”. There are sure to be several updates that coincide with the band’s developed and matured sound.

I’ll be perfectly honest. As painful as it is to resist the stream, I don’t plan on personally listening to “8” until my CD is delivered. There’s a reason for this. Uneven Structure provides more than just music. They provide a fully immersed aural experience. Their debut “Februus” was awe-inspiring to say the least. From what I’ve heard, the new “8” is amazing too. You can go ahead and stream it below and pick up a pre-order for June 3rd if you enjoy. I also provided their latest music video for the classic “Frost / Hail” combo. THALL.

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