V3ctors is a band from Málaga, Spain and their album “Physis” is an onslaught of djent and groove riffs that invoke some steady head bobbing. By seamlessly connecting face melting streaks of technical patterns V3ctors keeps the body in motion and the mind in perplexed.

“Physis” enters with an intro track to let listeners know what they are in for, then slides its way into “La Causa,” a breakneck barrage of mathy riffs that are unlike the common groove because they are so energized with anger. The fast paced grooving is continued through the length of the album, but there are specific songs where patterns are detectably pissed-off, like “Mental Disorder” and “Black Rhino.”

Even with under the clean vocals, which are very likeable by the way, V3ctors continues to drill away. The part where the cleans kick in on “Mental Disorder” would be the highlight of an album for some djent bands, yet “Physis” is littered with segments like this.

An exciting feature on this album is the beautiful voice of Aleksandra Djelmash (Destiny Potato) on “White Rhino,” a crushing yet mesmerizing track. My favorite is “My Own God” because I find myself whispering, “Oh my god my own god is good” for the first time in my life. That’s gotta count for something.

“Physis” is a more furious approach on the undergroovement (underground groove movement™). V3ctors sounds mean but they were kind enough to stream the whole album on youtube so go check it out! And if you want to own what you hear, click right here.

– Tyler Dermitt

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