Walking Across Jupiter’s new release “Scent” is a soothing whiff of that instrumental djent smell. The whole album is available for only $1 on Bandcamp. Thus the “Almost Free Music Monday”. That’s a steal!

This “one man band” from St. Petersburg, Russia masterfully delivers mollifying djent transitions between mellow and menacing tension free ambient rhythms.

The song “Right To Life” is a perfect example of how well Walking Across Jupiter is at making worries melt away. Even when “Scent” drops low into a denser atmospheric layer it still retains its floating property. Songs like “I Feel Your Breath” and “Samūm” are actually pretty heavy grooves but the unique part is that they are still uplifting. Great bass tone I must add.

Check out “Scent” on Bandcamp and then go vote for your favorite track on Walking With Jupiter’s Facebook. (Unconfirmed is the rumor of a scratch and sniff vinyl)

– Tyler Dermitt

Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Bandcamp