After the release of last year’s beauty of an album “Daybreaker”, it looks like the UK’s craziest metalcore unit, Architects, have been working hard on new material. Here’s the proof, “Black Blood”. That’s the name of their new song and it’s another rumbling, crushing, intense track. With a melodic approach alongside the furious and explosive moments, they also feature their usual mathcore hints. It’s a great new song promising more madness to be delivered sooner than later. And just to make it all the better, Architects have released “Black Blood” for FREE! Grab that greatness here.

This band is growing fast, making huge steps and reclaiming their role as one of the world’s leading metalcore bands after a slump or two. Stay tuned for Architects! In the mean time check out the lyric video for the new single “Black Blood” and go insane to some of their previous material.


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