Arsis drummer Shawn Priest has been filmed playing the title track for the band’s new album “Unwelcome.” The video was filmed this year on tour at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Priest is a relatively recent addition to the band. The talented skinsman, though in his second tenure with the band, has only played on the two most recent releases, the “Lepers Caress” EP and the band’s 2013 full length “Unwelcome,” that I reviewed. It was a glowing 10/10 review might I add. Read it here.

This video is of superb quality and gives great insight into the skill of Mr. Priest for those who may be unsure of the drummer’s talents or those who are interested in playing this tune for themselves. Priest’s drumming on “Unwelcome” was masterful. I didn’t really hit on this during the review of the album but the solid drumming is obviously responsible for the very well done changes in song rhythm and intensity. The blasting is not overdone. So the sections where Priest plays a blastbeat smack you in the face with maximum effect. The drummers rhythm also adds plenty to the feel of the album and “Unwelcome” is the perfect example of a Priest’s handiwork.

The video also features the playing of guitarist, vocalist, and band mastermind James Malone who has been been to forced to miss tour dates while the band continued to play without him. It’s nice to hear a high quality video with Malone’s vocals high in the mix as well. If you’re new to Arsis, check out “Unwelcome,” it’s a masterpiece, or start with the drum playthrough or the two tracks I’ve linked.


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