Anyone here like Nemertines? I personally love his work. For those of you that don’t know him, Nemertines is the art-name of Sabrin Scissor, an amazing Russian musician. He attained success in the metal underground with his solo project, know for its dark, cold and creepy atmospheres and insane, hard hitting music.

Most people, even among his fans don’t know that Sabrin Scissor also plays drums in another project. And most of those that already appreciated Nemertines should definitely enjoy this. Their name is 2Dead2Die and they provide some truly insane music. It’s dark and aggressive with disturbing vocals and a crazy sound. The music also features both modern and traditional metal influences.

They released an EP in September 2012 called “22” featuring 3 long tracks lasting anywhere from 7 to 9 minutes, bringing almost half an hour of pure madness. It’s a descent in darkness and insanity that any Nemertines fan should adore.

The only thing making this music difficult to appreciate are the Russian lyrics, only because many listeners won’t understand them. Other than that, it’s a perfect math metal declaration, filled with brain cracking music and screaming. Definitely worth a listen. Check ’em out below.


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