Photo credit to the great people at Toontrack.

Periphery’s genius guitarist Misha Mansoor just announced that he is planning to record his first ever solo album! Bulb is officially returning! This statement was followed by two big questions for fans. The second one has already been answered but you can read on below and answer wisely here.


So thanks to your positive feedback, I have decided that I am going to record my first solo album, most likely a little later this year and it will feature a lot of the demos that you guys want to hear as well as a couple brand new jammies.

With that said I have two questions:

1. Which songs would you like to hear? (or hear completed) given that they will be instrumental (unless I get my brother to sing Heliovice hehe)

2. I am leaning to doing a “pay what you want” kinda thing, but some people are saying I should just sell it for 10 bucks. What would you prefer?”


Shortly after he made a follow up.


solo album will be “pay what you want”! Hopefully that will work well,
now I just gotta make a website and find someone who is sick with album


You can listen to the copious amounts of Bulb greatness on his official Soundclick or Soundcloud. A good bit of the music is absolutely free. Check out my personal selection below.

Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Soundclick