This week we’re featuring the upcoming innovators / extreme talents in CHON. Expect chill Californian shred and absolute greatness. These guys just dropped their debut EP “Newborn Sun” on Tuesday and we highly recommend you go give it a listen or five.

To celebrate this we’re holding a massive contest for you guys! There will be ten winners with two coveted prizes. First and foremost, we’re giving away 10 free downloads of “Newborn Sun”! Booyah! What’s next? You can either win a free signed guitar pick or a chance to have a free online lesson / jam sesh with CHON themselves. Get on it through the instructions below.

On top of all this we had an interview with the band. Czech that!

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C = CHON (Answered collectively by Mario Camarena, Erick Hansel, and Nathan Camarena)

MT = Mike Thall

MT = Everyone at The Circle Pit is stoked to have you as Artist of the Week. Big thanks for your time!

C = Yee.

MT = You’ve been making musical greatness for a little while now. How and when did you dudes get started?

C = We started early 2008. Erick and Mario were making songs and wanted to play shows so they taught Nathan how to play drums.

MT = Just like that. What’s the story behind the name CHON?

C = We heard it on the science channel and it made us lol.

MT =  That carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. Who or what inspires your music?

C = Awesome humans, great musicians, video games, awesome food like california burritos and nesquik. Pretty female faces are inspiring, a bunch of other shat.

MT = Right on. You’re one of the very few bands out there to have influenced others without putting out any official releases (until now). You’ve developed this fresh, chill California style shred. Can you tell us about this style?

C = That’s sick. We’ve been getting that a lot lately. We just make up what we think is cool basically.

MT = It works. You just dropped your first official release! How good does that feel?

C = Extremely stoked.

MT = What went into creating “Newborn Sun”?

C = We definitely went in this year. For about 3 months we were constantly writing together and stuff. It got to a point where the EP was all we cared about. Like, Mario went from being a health nut, working out, and drinking hulks loads (vegetable shakes) every morning to eating pizza for breakfast by the end of it.

MT = Any favorite tracks on the new EP? And why?

C = Probably “wut the.. (poop)”. Jk we love them all the same.

MT = Why did you choose the name “Newborn Sun”?

C = Erick made it up and we thought it was cool.

MT = You’re currently unsigned. If you could choose any label out there, who would it be?

C = We would look extremely gooby if we answered that haha.

MT = Fair enough. What are your plans for the second half of 2013?

C = Play lots of shows, poop, write a full length

MT = Ohhh yeeeah. How many live shows has CHON played?

C = So many, we honestly don’t know.

MT = Not a bad thing. Anything crazy ever go down at one of your shows or on the road?

C = Nathan sharted in the middle of our set once when he was like 11

MT = Shit on the kit. Here’s the fun round… If you could party with any band in the world, who would it be?

C = Unlocking the Truth

MT = Hope they have fake IDs. Those are all the questions we have. Thanks again! Any shout outs to give?

C = Shouts to everyone who supports us. You guys are truly awesome.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp