Crazy melodic death metallers Conducting from the Grave are back and better than ever. The band is releasing their third full length album sometime this fall. According to their kickstarter campaign, the release is projected sometime in September. The upcoming album, whose title has not been released as of yet, is the follow up to 200 sophomore album “Revenants.” The most interesting and exciting part about all of this, besides new CFTG tunes of course, is the fact that this album is being entirely independently released. From the recording, to the distribution and promotion, Conducting from the Grave is handling, and funding, all of it.

This is where the kickstarter campaign comes in. The band has launched a campaign to fund the pressing, promotion, distribution, recording, and touring expenses. The band is asking for $1500 to cover all of these expenses and have already accumulated $2600 as I write this. CFTG is just one in a long line of bands who are taking advantage of direct crowd or source funding. American metal band Chimaira are the most recent example I can think of but Protest the Hero’s massive campaign, which funded over 340 thousand dollars (jesus christ!) is the best example of the immense power of crowdfunding campaigns. These campaigns take advantage of fans’ willingness to spend extra money on albums for sentimental perks and the satisfaction of knowing money spent will be going directly into the hands of the band to great effect. Find Conducting from the Grave’s kickstarter page here.

Now onto the music. CFTG have released a single with the kickstarter video and an album preview. The first single, titled “Honor Guide Me!” finds a perfect mix between the melodic, chaotic metal of “When Legends Become Dust” and the more polished songwriting of “Revenants.” The song contains plenty of shred, fast riffing, evil chord progressions, and fantastic vocals courtesy of Mikey Powell.  Lyrically the song is about the perspective on the war that takes place during the Starcraft video games through the eyes of a Protoss Zealot. Perfect example of the attitude of this band. Badass metalheads who don’t take themselves too seriously. The kickstarter video displays this attitude perfectly as well. The song starts around 3:20 in the kickstarter video I’ve included. The preview also contains a lot of clips of other songs and these are all fantastic as well. The shred provided by guitarist John “Abernasty” Abernathy is phenomenal. I honestly think he is one of the best lead guitarists in all of metal. Check out the preview, and the bands first and only music video, as well. You won’t regret it. The Conducting guys seem like great dudes from what I’ve seen, mostly through their facebook accounts and a meeting or two after their sick shows. So go ahead and donate your money to this worthy cause. NOW!


Links: Facebook // Kickstarter // Merch