After our recent trips to Europe, Australia and Africa, it’s time to cross the Atlantic Ocean and get in touch with more global metal! This time we are heading to Mexico to introduce three really cool bands representing the best of this country’s djent scene. This nation hasn’t really given much to the history of metal so far, but some of these new bands have been recognized for their recent works and definitely deserve a shout.

The most known is probably Aracadia Libre. They surprised a lot of people with the release of their debut album “Alpha” in June 2012. This a progressive metalcore/hardcore band that was able to deliver a powerful musical assault with straight-forward guitar riffage and a hard-hitting sound. Some of you might also appreciate the Latin flavour of the vocals, sung in Spanish and still brutal. Their album is available for free download through this link. Show them some support!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud

Next up is N3WMEN, a solo project by Durango’s very own Noé Martell.
This guy can write some amazing grooves, cool riffs and drum lines. He
also delivers some very original singing. His debut EP “Lies For Blind”
was released during August of last year and can be downloaded for FREE
right here. But if you prefer, you can also stream it via YouTube just below. It’s definitely worth a listen so support this brilliant work!

Links: Facebook // Youtube

Moving on, we have another really cool band for you. This is One Of Us. We recently stumbled on this Mexico City djent/hardcore/drum and bass group. We also introduced them a few weeks back. Check out Tyler’s post about them right here. They just released their first single “Anachronistic” with the collaboration of the insane producer Remì Gallego aka The Algorithm! The track is nuts, check it out below and enjoy the madness.

Links: Facebook // YouTube // Soundcloud 

This was a short, but intense trip to the delicious land of tacos! Hope you all enjoyed the taste. We may return one day to further spread the musical flavour of Mexico. See you next time explorers!