Here’s more modern metal from the booming Australian metal scene! Feed Her To The Sharks is a recent melodic metalcore band that just put out their second album “Savage Seas”. Their style is actually nothing new or extremely original but this band is insanely powerful. In this album you can find a perfect balance between a violent, sharp, aggressive sound and more melodic, catchy segments. And that goes beyond the choruses. The whole sound is completed by some intelligent and well-placed electronic synths. This band is capable of producing music on a really high level, both technically and musically speaking. The album is filled with some amazing guitar solos, for example, showcasing some truly remarkable skills. Also the vocals, especially the screams, reach some really high levels.

This is definitely a band to watch out for, and an album you should give a listen to. You can watch the lyric videos for songs “Memory Of You” and “Buried Alive” down below (especially the second one, which is probably one of the best lyric video you’ll ever see) and stream the entire album “Savage Sea” too!


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