For those who don’t know, Leprous is one of the most interesting and original progressive metal bands to come from Europe recently. They come from Norway to be specific. I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you how amazing the Scandinavian metal scene is.

Despite the little time they had to write this new album, considering the relatively recent release of their previous work “Bilateral” and the huge amount of concerts around the world, this band managed to pack a beautiful new gem called “Coal”. They quickly achieved a sophisticated evolution of their sound through a brilliant final result. It features various refined rhythmical textures, versatile vocals, intelligent melodies and sharp riffage. Most of the ambiance, weird and unique, is mostly suggested by the wise use of synth and keyboards. It ranges from  melodic and complex progressive songwriting to more chaotic tracks like “Chronic” and “Coal”.

This is not an easy album and you may need some time to get into it’s complexities. Doing so is a most satisfying experience. You should all give this band a listen if you haven’t heard them yet. And if you have, listen again! Also watch out for this band’s live shows, since they’re always on tour like…everywhere! Also, check out their latest video below along with some more tunes from the new album.


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