Thrash metallers Machine Head have unveiled the name of their new bassist. And the replacement for Adam Duce is Jared MacEachern. MacEachern was formerly the guitarist and vocalist for the band Sanctity. The band played a mainstream thrashy heavy metal type of music. So that’s an indication of what he brings to the table compositionally. But I doubt he’ll writing too much music honestly. I’ve included a Sanctity song below.

This choice may surprise fans. Former Fear Factory bassist/guitarist Christian Olde Woblers auditioned and really nailed both the bass and the vocals. Many fans, including myself, were clamoring for C.O.W. to become the new bassist for Machine Head. Honestly I think Wolbers audition was definitively better and I would have liked to see him get the job. But herein lies the catch.

MacEachern has toured with Machine Head before. The new Machine Head bassist filled in on backup vocals only in 2007 when Adam Duce was injured. The band was incredibly impressed with the guys attitude and chemistry back then, and found he was the perfect mix between green and jaded veteran to fit in with the guys and complete the band. Machine Head has finished demoing the guitars for a new album as well and I’m looking forward to new material from them.


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