Monuments just announced their new vocalist. Not only that, it’s arguably the best vocalist they’ve ever had.

And the man of the hour is…. Chris Baretto!

Some of you probably just jumped out of your seat, others probably felt a twitch of disappointment, and the rest are probably thinking “fuck you, we already know this” or have no clue what’s going on.

This is great news for Monuments as Chris Baretto is an insanely multi-talented beast. Not only does he sing and scream like he’s the fucking man. Chris can play sax, keyboard, and pulls surprises like few others. This adds a whole new layer of diversity and strength to the already solid Monuments line-up. There’s no doubt about it.

I initially fell into the second category of slightly disappointed people. Not because I have anything against the artists involved but because of two words… Ever Forthright. It would really be a damn shame to see such an amazing band lose their vocalist. Albeit Chris is known for pulling off 20 projects at once. Only time will tell what happens.

Anyways, you can check music from both Chris’s endeavors and Monuments down below. I’ve also included a live clip of Monuments with Chris saxing it up. Great stuff!

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