Breaking the law! Breaking the law!

The internet is such a wonderful and stupid place. This informational gateway is a hotspot where laughs are had, pranks get pulled, and rumors get out of control.

Most recently, the rumor mill has declared that moshing is now illegal. Of course this has caused confusion among members of the heavy music community. This claim is most definitely not true. There is literally no credible source backing this statement. The Supreme Court is not involved. The end.

Supposedly a twelve-year-old girl walked into a Bring Me The Horizon mosh pit and got mauled so her parents are suing. Yet again, no official reports here. And if there is any truth to this, the parents are at fault. Parenting 101: It’s dumb as fuck to let a child go unattended at a concert, especially when there are mosh pits involved.

Hope that helps. MOSH ON!

Check the moshing art of Dan Witz in the banner above and the moshing in the videos below.