If you never thought Nemertines could get darker…you were wrong. After the recent success of his latest album “Death, My Love”, he’s back with a brand new EP, confirming his apparently unstoppable high-level productivity. This time Sabrin Scissor turns “Full Black”.

This incredibly talented Russian artist delivers a 3 tracks EP introduced by a very short 15 seconds intro track featuring…vocals! The track is called “You Are” and it features some dark growls, but there’s not much more we can say about this heavy tune since it is really short. Nemertines may explore this darker side of his music in this future. Creepy sounds and obscure ambiance dominate the following two tracks “A Maniac” and “A Victim”. The first one begins with a cold but heavy riff and turns into an intense, melodic song after some minutes. The last segment is mainly based on chilly ambience and melodies.

A thick veil of sadness covers the whole release in a short but intense experience of palpable despair, once again amazingly expressed by Nemertines’ art. It seems like Sabrin Scissor is always able to dig deeper in his ability to express dark feelings in such a heart-felt way and, despite his continuous and unstoppable productivity, he hardly ends up being repetitive in his works. This EP hints that Sabrin’s got something insanely dirty in store for the future.

PS: the EP can be streamed in full on Nemertines Bandcamp and downloaded for just 2 USD!


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