Today is Tuesday. That means new albums are released today. Check em out.

Swamp themed melodic death metallers Kalmah are returning with their seventh full length today. The album, appropriately titled “Seventh Swamphony” has been called a return to form of sorts for the band who have struggled a little bit with some of their recent efforts. This album shouldn’t disappoint. Coincidentally Children of Bodom, the band who Kalmah is often compared to, also put an album hailed as a return to form last week. Melodic Death Metal is still going strong. Stream “Seventh Swamphony” courtesy of Revolver.

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Independent experimental band Fuck the Facts are independently releasing a new EP titled “Amer” today. This album is being released without any label support at all so hop on this one. The band’s mix of grind/punk/metal is pretty vicious. This band pummels and grooves, and tears you in two. Also “Amer” is being released on cassette, vinyl, and digitally. No CD. Odd but interesting. Check this out.

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Classic metal/hard rock band Valient Thorr is back with their newest release “Our Own Masters” today. These bearded dudes deliver solid classic metal with a cool little unique flavor. The band has toured with diverse acts including Mastodon, Motorhead and Misfits. There’s clearly some broad appeal in these guys music. The band clearly fits into the growing retro metal or “vest metal” trend that’s took off lately. This is worth checking out, if not only for the laughs provided by their new video.

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