Another Tuesday, more new music.

First up is Big Four band Megadeth. Obviously this is a very notable release. But honestly, it feels like a major step back for megadave and his finally steady band members. New album “Super Collider” definitely features less high octane metal and more old man rock as Ted Nugent, I mean Dave settles into his new role as a rightwing, Obama hating, Christian extremist old rocker. Well anyway listen to this if you want to hear. Here’s a single.

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Hardcore/metalcore band Liferuiner are back with their newest offering “Future Revisionists” today. This band has seen a completely nuts back story with locations and complete lineups changing multiple times. The band, which started as a parody of straight edge culture is going down a serious and inspirational path with this new album. From what I’ve heard, the album should be pretty solid if you’re into positive melodic hardcore. Check it out below.

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Last we have classic/power metal band A Sound of Thunder. This band is pretty nuts. A ridiculously talented female vocalist fronts this band and a talented group of musicians write some tasty classic metal to feast upon. The band released an EP to preview their new album “Time’s Arrow.” This EP features the lead single, a bonus track, a Black Sabbath cover and a another version of the single featuring guest vocals. This release is pretty exciting, so check out the single if you haven’t heard of A Sound of Thunder and order the album on their website if you’re digging what you hear.

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