“Heart Museum” is certainly one of the most solid releases this year. Of Glaciers has sculpted a flawless melodic hardcore/metalcore album that will infallibly rumble the earth for years to come.

Within seconds “Heart Museum” executes a grip so powerful and permanent it’s obvious there is no escaping, even if you wanted to. A realization is soon made that “Heart Museum” performs a duty that rivals its impenetrable stonewalls; instead “Heart Museum” shatters the shackles that bind and limit us, emancipating the deepest afflictions we all carry inside.

The key with the capacity to liberate is carried in the vocals and lyrics.  Cade Armstrong stays rooted to a level that holds so very true atop “Heart Museum’s” rolling escalations and cascades. A lower pitch in Armstrong’s scream commands attention and power, while his strained yelling overflows with emotion, fueling life into the lyrics.  Of Glacier’s anguishing hardcore screams are tastefully accented by a clean vocal style so appropriate and affective, performed by guitarist Ryan Zyer.  I suppose the clean vocals could be considered “catchy” due to their ease of flow and fitting melody but that may allude to memorable choruses, which is not the case here. The cleans are expressive and enlightening to the song’s message, solidifying Of Glaciers status as a wholesome musical group.  I highly recommend running through a few tracks while reading along with the lyrics, which can be found on Bandcamp. It is rewarding to follow Armstrong’s pattern and how well he puts emphasis on the music. You will find an abundance of memorable quotes that you will surely find yourself repeating.  Some of my favorites are “Our greatest fear: reflection”, “Absently, you somehow still exist within me”, and “Broken homes make the strongest bones.”

Mix and mastered by Nolly Getgood (Periphery), “Heart Museum’s” sound towers above the rest. Of Glaciers drives home the vocals with booming guitar and indescribably crushing drums. With drumming at the core, this album is filled with fulfilling fills. Of Glaciers is in your face whether they are grooving or floating in melody. “De-Victimized” shows this with its heavy start and iridescent departure.  Tracks “Enlightenment I: In Question” and “Enlightenment II: Ego Death” are stupefying.

Through a hardcore lens, Of Glaciers expands upon familiar sounds to create something new and esteemed.  Of Glaciers’ members seemed to pour their inspirations together for the ultimate creation of “Heart Museum.” For Fans of Misery Signals, “old” For The Fallen Dreams, “old” The Ghost Inside, Gideon.

– Tyler Dermitt

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