The amazing Outrun The Sunlight put up a really nice cover to of the back half of “Geocentric Confusion.” Very cool tribute and pleasing to hear a different take on such a monumental song. Chill out and enjoy these guys…it may be the best 3 minutes of your day.

I also included the full youtube stream of Outrun The Sunlight’s album “The Return of Inertia.” It’s truly a great album deserving of appreciation.

An impressive thing about Outrun The Sunlight is the story of how they came to be. Austin Peters and Cody McCarty carved their own channel in which they spread their music through the use of strictly the Internet and social-media, demonstrating the ability we all hold to be heard on our own power.

Outrun The Sunlight took the already harmonious “The Return of Inertia” and took it a few steps further with a re-released vocal version. The re-release features vocalists from all over and vocal styles of almost every type besides yodeling, as well as additional instruments. The final result is an implausibly divine collaborative experience. This re-release can found here on Bandcamp.

– Tyler Dermitt

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