We’re featuring the young super talents in Polyphia as our Artist of the Week! Get used to seeing their name, it’s gonna be a big one in the coming years.

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P = Polyphia (Collectively Answered)
MT = Mike Thall

MT – We’re here with the upcoming talents in Polyphia. Stoked to have you guys as Artist of the Week!

P – Of course! We’re flattered to be featured.

MT – You guys are insanely talented and tasteful musicians, especially considering how young you are. How long have you been playing?

P – Thanks so much! We’ve all been playing for roughly a decade; we’re all only 19-20, so we’re excited for many more years of experience on our instruments.

MT – Speaking of which, any tips for aspiring instrumentalists?

P – Absolutely; the most important thing you can do is believe in yourself. Corny as it may seem, if you have a vision for your life, and you make it a goal for yourself, the hours of practice, countless sacrifices, and all of the work becomes a part of who you are. Dedicate yourself to your craft, and really be proficient. Practice endlessly, and be versatile.

MT – Not to boost your ego but it seems you guys are aiming to take on the music world by storm. Everything about your music screams big time. How did this all get started?

P – Thanks! Our band wasn’t always this serious; under a different moniker, we began as any other group, just being high school students with big dreams. We grew up together, as best friends, learned a few things about the industry, and buckled down and started rolling with the tide about a year-and-a-half ago. One of the biggest things that we’ve learned, and, we feel, the quality that allows to have the presence we do, is that we realize that you must be good at much more than just music these days; the entertainment industry is facing a swarm of do-it-yourself-ers and independent artists that are giving the corporations a run for their money. The more you realize that your art is a “business”, and not just a “band”, the more control you have over your career and personal successes.

MT – So true. How did you come up with the name Polyphia?

P – “Polyphia”, comes from the word, “Polyphony”, meaning:

“music whose texture is defined by the interweaving of several melodic lines”

Playing off this definition, as a band, we capitalize on musicianship, and that, musically, each member of the band is a cornerstone of our sound. We stray from the idea of a one-dimensional, vocal-centered, or, guitar-centered, or drum-centered group, and let each member of the band play an integral part in the overall product. As a people, all of us have a unique and personal identity that makes us dynamic and purposeful, and our band means to convey this quality within all of us through our music; never diminishing the potential of others, and thriving in unity.

MT – Who or what inspires your music?

P – We all draw from a myriad of different influences both musically, and personally, but we can collectively agree on saying that we are influenced by the virtuosity and influence from other musicians and artists from every era of music.

MT – Speaking of inspirations, you recently came out with the EP “Inspire”. What went into making that release?

P – A lot of hard work! At this juncture in our career, we are handling all of our own affairs; meaning the marketing of the campaign, all of the production for the record, distribution, as well as all of our regular duties in the band were carried out between the four of us. It was an exhausting quarter, but we’re all very happy with how it all turned out!

MT – How was the response to “Inspire”?

P – Very well; we’ve seen a bit of exponential growth since the release of the EP, and a lot of great things came out of its campaign. Traction in our social media engagement has increased, as well as a bit more credibility being established for us in our current scene. It’s been a very satisfying release!

MT – Any favorite tracks?

Scott – Persevere

Brandon – Persevere

Tim – Impassion

Clay – Inspire

MT – You’re currently unsigned. If you could choose any label, who would it be?

P – That’s hard to say; every record label has a unique, specially tailored plan for their artists. In any sort of label representation, we would be looking for a company that is on board with our vision, and that would increase it and cultivate it. A growing problem in this industry is the continuous release of inorganic product from artists just trying to appease the masses. We really believe that honest music sells itself, and that the artist should never sacrifice their integrity in their business endeavors. As far as any particular label is concerned, any who can agree with that!

MT- You’re an instrumental band with an accessible style. Any plans to bring on a vocalist in the future?

P – Of course. We are currently auditioning singers, and have definite plans to include singing in our music in the near future.

MT – Sounds interesting. What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

P – For the remainder of this year, we have a slew of content to be released to help our online growth, as well as the task of finding our vocalist. Once the singer is locked in place, expect much bigger things from Polyphia! We will also be playing shows and festival dates around our hometown region to keep our local fans engaged and to debut our sound in a live setting as well.

MT – How many live shows have y’all played?

P – A good many! More than we’ve kept record of, we regret to admit.

MT – Not necessarily a bad thing. What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you at a show?

P – That may call for a separate interview…

MT – Fair enough. Here’s the fun round… What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about?

P – Then our left foot’s in, and our right foot’s out. Clay loves feet.

MT – And we’re out of questions. Thanks for your time! Any shout outs you want to give to the fans out there?

P – You’re welcome, thanks for having us! We would love to thank all of our fans that we have met at our concerts, as well as the thousands with whom we’ve connected online; we all greatly appreciate your patronage in merch sales, sharing our page with your friends, or even just a like on our Facebook! Every little bit certainly does help. Thank you to everyone who makes this band what it is; without our fans, we would be nothing.