And it’s exactly who some of you may have been expecting. After touring as a replacement for John Carpenter, Mike Lessard of Bostonian band Last Chance To Reason has officially joined forces with The Contortionist as their full-time front man.

Some more interesting news has also come about with this event. Not only will Mike Lessard also continue being the vocalist for Last Chance To Reason as well, Robert Bacca of The Contortionist will join at least as a touring guitarist when they eventually hit the road with Evan Brewer this Summer. Other show / tour plans for Last Chance To Reason have been significantly cut back unfortunately. It should be interesting to see how this affects both bands moving into the future. Especially considering Last Chance To Reason just announced their next release.

Anyways, you can check out music from the parties involved down below.

Links: The Contortionist Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

Last Chance To Reason Facebook // Twitter // iTunes