Covers are usually a pretty divisive affair. Tech-death band The Faceless forged a new sound with 2012 album “Autotheism” that turned out to be pretty divisive in itself. So it’s perfect that the band has announced they are in the midst of working on a covers album. Guitarist, vocalist, and band mastermind Michael Keene revealed the project through an interview with metalinsider. Read the whole interview here if you’re interested. Keene predicted a release date for early next year, possibly January or February, or maybe even earlier. That all sounds great to me.

To add to the controversy that The Faceless cover album is going to cause, Keene released some of the artists that will be covered. And if you want divisive opinions and accusations of selling out, you’re gonna get ’em. The band will be covering Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Soundgarden, At The Gates, Megadeth, and even David Bowie. I’m assuming there will be some more tracks as that’s only 7 but your guess is as good as mine.

I personally very much enjoyed “Autotheism” and the new territory the record brought The Faceless into. The entire Autotheism trilogy and and the clean vocal bridge in “Ten Billion Years” were some of my favorite pieces of music from 2012. I’m stoked to hear this stuff and can’t wait to find out how Keene and friends approach each one of these tracks. It can’t fail to at least be interesting if not entertaining. Keep up with The Faceless below and check out their new-ish music video while you’re at it.


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