Whitechapel have been letting their thoughts be known of late. Frontman Phil Bozeman and guitarist Alex Wade have stepped forward respectively on two different topics regarding the music industry and the people who support it.

First up, Phil Bozeman posted this video commentary. Call of Duty included.

A single day later, Alex Wade let loose with this statement.


“It’s insane to me how little of a value most people put on music. They’ll buy a fast food meal for $10 that’s full of shit made by someone who doesn’t give a damn about them and it’s gone in 10 minutes, but won’t spend $10 on a CD that is someone’s artwork takes months to make, and lasts as long as the CD isn’t broken. Just boggles my mind. I love making music but hate being in such a disposable industry.”

“I mean trust me if I could make music for you guys for free I would but I need to feed myself and buy toilet paper to wipe my ass.”


They both make decent points. Some of you may not agree, but there you have it. Either way, headbang to some Whitechapel below \m/

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