San Josè’s uprising technical deathcore band Wrath Of Vesuvius are quickly approaching the release of their new album “Revelation”. It’s set for July 23rd through Rite Of Passage Records! And to tease us, they just uploaded a new live music video for a brand new track called “Regarding Unity”! This just adds to the chaos created by the two previous singles “Revelation” and “Somber Silence”.

The new track is just as massive as the other ones as it mixes a huge sound, powerful riffage, insane breakdowns and some really furious sections. The song is fast, dramatic and dare I say theatrical with an intense ending. The video is pretty cool as well.

With three tracks released it also seems like repetition will be scare on “Revelation”. These guys have a lot of good, varied ideas for the riffs and overall composition.

Stay tuned for the full release coming in July!


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