This is a follow up to the announcement of the new Monuments vocalist. Read up here.

Here’s news that will make our friend Mike Thall very happy along with many other people around the globe. It has been recently revealed that Chris Barretto (Ever Forthright’s current vocalist, former Periphery and Friend For A Foe vocalist and The HAARP Machine live member) will be the new full-time front man for Monuments. Even though this has been received as a beautiful news there are a lot of people legitimately worried about Ever Forthright’s future! What is gonna happen to Barretto’s main project? Well Chris just posted a message for his fans that shall explain the situation.


“Greetings to all!

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the news and I’m excited to announce that I’m the new singer of Monuments! Let me just squash any doubts that some of you may have, Ever Forthright is not going anywhere and I will be doing both projects with all my heart and soul! That being said, there are many questions of yours that I’d like to answer when things aren’t so busy on my end. I intend to have a full Q&A session if you all would be into the idea. Until then, get ready for some new, ULTRA-COMBO, Ever Forthright music coming soon :)” – Chris Barretto


If you’re not excited yet, check out the preview of a new Ever Forthright song called “Riot” (any lyrical influence from The HAARP Machine?). We’ll be hearing Monuments new vocalist at the forthcoming UK Tech-Metal Fest on July 11th and there’s no need to say that I’m stoked as fuck!


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