Ottawa based grindcore veterans Fuck The Facts are back with even more top notch chaos. “Amer” proves to be an honest addition to Fuck The Facts established collection of gritty releases. “Amer” follows suit with the band’s nontraditional tendencies by releasing exclusively as cassette, vinyl and digital versions.

Fuck The Facts are the current crown claimers to and the rightful kings of my favorite musical element….”the Raw factor.” 17 minutes of grind, vindictive yet so true; coarse but carefully carved to be so. FTF put all responsibilities on their own back with this release. Ultimately…”more rawer than fuck.” The guitar riffs are in your face and sometimes accented by untamed shred. Many unique guitar techniques underlie FTF’s music. FTF’s drummer since 05’ Mathieu Vilandré has a way with blasts and unorthodox fills; a pummeling presence at all times.

Some Fuck The Facts members first language is English, others, French. FTF have included lyrics in both languages for some time, favoring English until now. “Amer” is written primarily in French with only one English track. Vocals are not only shared by languages but also by band members. The guitarist and bass guitarist get their fair share of harshly delivered shouts, but the largest contributor to “the Raw factor” is Mel Mongeon. Mel is far past the ranking of “top female vocalists,” she is the owner to one of the most callous voices in metal. Her unique pipes tearing over frenzied drumming and grainy guitar combine and create hellacious death metal grindcore.

FTF guitarist Topon Das is not unfamiliar with dissident riffing, for Fuck The Facts was formed from one of Topon’s side projects n the late 90’s. The fact is not long after Fuck The Facts beginning Mel’s signature voice became a permanent part of the band, and has been crushing ever since, but fuck the facts. Here is a swell interview with Topon Das on “Amer.” Conducted by

Fuck The Facts is days from starting a month long European tour, even appearing in “The Obscene Extreme Festival.” The dates are found below. Check out FTF’s new EP “Amer” on Bandcamp along with masses of older material.


07/01 ITA Milano | Blue Rose Saloon

07/02 GER Leipzig | TBA

07/03 GER Berlin | Koma F

07/04 CZE Trutnov | Obscene Extreme Festival

07/05 HOL Rotterdam | Baroeg

07/06 HOL Nijmegen | Nothing Changed Fest

07/07 UK Brighton | Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

07/08 UK Leeds | The Fox & Newt

07/09 UK Manchester | Kraak Gallery

07/10 UK Bristol | The Red Lion

07/11 UK London | The Unicorn Camden Live

07/12 BEL Brussels | DNA

07/13 FRA Lille | Le Bistrot de St So

07/14 FRA Toulouse | Pavillons Sauvages

07/15 SPA Bilbao | Sentinel Club

07/16 SPA Logroño | Villatruño Squat

07/17 SPA Madrid | Boite Live

07/18 SPA Torellò | Eclectic Club

07/19 SPA Barcelona | TBA

07/20 FRA Luynes | Le Korigan

07/21 ITA Bologna | Freakout Club


– Tyler Dermitt

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