The time has come for you, yes you, to help Arsis stay on tour. James Malone and his band of merry metallers need your support, your help and your money! The guys in Arsis are about to begin a huge tour with Wintersun and Fleshgod Apocalypse. And it seems as if this tour has a large overhead and maybe even bus requirements because Arsis has stated that circumstance has prevented them from “road dogging” it in a van. So they need more money.

So Arsis has started an Indiegogo to fund this tour. The goal has been set at 12,800 dollars, the amount needed to allow Arsis to partake in this tour without shackling themselves with debt. This isn’t a huge sum of money, but it’s definitely still large for just a tour. But it’s Arsis so I won’t question the necessity of the funding. These guys have been the definition of road warriors for the last ten years. There’s been no shortage of struggle for Arsis, but they’ve definitely managed to come out on top.

Arsis has had some bad luck earlier this year already. The first tour they were to embark on in support of their new record “Unwelcome” was not without issue. Headliners and direct support Hypocrisy and Aborted respectively were forced to drop off the tour due to issues related to travel and the overseas distance.

Arsis’ “Unwelcome” is a fantastic offering, I gave it a 10/10 read my review here and this tour with Wintersun and Fleshgod gives them the perfect chance to properly tour in support of their most recent success. The bands indiegogo has some ridiculously awesome prize packs like a guest solo on your song, the opportunity to force Arsis to cover any song, the chance to play a game of velcro ball with the guys and a haircut from James Malone. This is a campaign you should support, so do it. Give Arsis all your money here.


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