Ok. Wait. Colossal news here. Meshuggah will be headlining the 9th edition of Euroblast festival in Cologne this October… Holy shit.

You know, people at Euroblast had always been like “Wow! The line up is amazing! The only band left is Meshuggah” but it was like a joke…nobody ever thought that Meshuggah was actually going to play Euroblast in the near future. Or “If they call Meshuggah, they’re done. Who are they gonna call the following year?”…Well, now everything has changed.

Meshuggah will be there, headlining the sickest prog/djent/tech metal festival in Europe (maybe in the world now?). This may really become huge, especially with other huge names bolstering the line up. The band that inspired this whole musical movement is headlineing the number one event in the genre. This is going to be legendary. Be there!

Also look at the media partners on the lovely poster below… You’ll notice The Circle Pit. We shall be promoting this festival through it’s cycle.


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