Today is Tuesday, listen to new albums like you’re supposed to.

Karnivool is one of those bands that definitely isn’t metal, they’re very obviously alternative or progressive rock, but constantly gets lumped into the group of bands modern progressive metal fans enjoy. I can think of a couple other bands that fit this bill. But that doesn’t really matter. Karnivool’s new album “Asymmetry” is due out today. “Asymmetry” is a Karnivool album. So it’s not be what you got on the last one, but no one is gonna care. Some of it I dig, some I don’t. Check out the haunting video for ‘We Are’ because it’s awesome.

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Another for the entirely other end of the spectrum. Mammoth Grinder is very metal, and pretty hardcore too for good measure. This Texas quartet brings a crushing, mammoth sized heaping of grinding tunes of the extreme variety for your listening pleasure today. These guys are masters of all trades of extreme metal. From black, to grind, to thrash and death. Prepare for it all. The new offering is called “Underworlds” and has a sweet album to match. Leftover songs from the recording sessions have been released as a single, streamable on Bandcamp and linked below.  Pick up “Underworlds” and get crushed like an insect.

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Last but definitely not least is Misery Signals. These guys have had fans waiting for a new album for 5 long years and finally they’re delivering. “Absent Light” drops today to fans delight. And the fans have a lot to be happy about. “Absent Light” seems to a perfect mix of the different styles Misery Signals has explored throughout their career. The focus on songwriting and melody mixes perfectly well with the crushing aggression to yield the best Misery Signals yet. This album used crowdfunding to get started, but Basick Records is now handling some of the distribution, so it looks like Misery Signals will back in the game again.

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