Another week, another slew of new albums to check out. As usual here are three that caught my attention.

First up is Swedish Melodic Death Metallers/Thrashers Darkane and their newest release. Darkane is back with their 6th release and their second for original singer Lawrence Mackrory. He kinda sounds like Trivium’s Matt Heafy to me with a thrashy clean voice. But whatever this is some seriously solid, seriously intense slice of metal. Pick up “The Sinister Supremacy” today.

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Heavy fucking metal band Huntress is back. The band’s second offering “Starbound Beast” arrives today. The signature screeching and screaming female vocals are as powerful as ever. This band is grinding it out on tour and its the perfect time to support them as they gain momentum. Grab Huntress’ new offering today.

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Brutal Death Metallers Autopsy have returned again. “The Headless Ritual” is the legendary band’s second album since reuniting in 2009. And as expected, this stuff is heavy. Massive and crushing like a boulder. Oops too much hyperbole. Anyways this is exactly what you’d expect from these guys and if this is your thing, support these guys as they continue to bring the suffering.

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