Another week has rolled on by and I have three more albums for you to check out.

Chimaira is a band that I’m sure all of you know. They came up around the same time and are a kinda similar to Lamb of God in style. Well the band’s history has been pretty tumultuous. Sole remaining member from the band’s classic lineup and singer Mark Hunter has surrounded himself with a new group of guys and they’re releasing an album today. It’s called “Crown of Phantoms” and this is probably the best Chimaira album in a while. I made it all the way through the new video and enjoyed, out of place solo and all. Check this one out.

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Another band that has mixed it up stylistically and is releasing an album today is Mercenary. The guys are releasing their newest release titled “Through Our Darkest Days” today. The band has continued to leave the melodic death metal sound behind for a more modern melodic metal style akin to Soilwork or Scar Symmetry with this release. This album won’t break too much new ground, or light up any eyes but this is an album to be enjoyed and not overly analyzed.


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Elitist are back with a new EP today titled “Between the Balance.” Based on the first single, it appears that these guys have expanded their range of sounds a decent bit. Unfortunately it seems to be in the metalcore/post-hardcore direction. Time will tell how this stuff stands up to their previous work. Either way, if you’re interested in Elitist, this is definitely worth checking out.

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– Trisolino