Resident composer, Doctor of music, and death metaller Nick Vasallo (vocalist of Oblivion and composer of classical and metal tinged classical pieces) has returned with another odd and interesting piece once again. This time the mastermind composer fuses doom/drone metal musical styling with the timbres and tones of the accordion. The piece is appropriately titled “Doomcordion” and definitely hits the doom vibe.

The accordion is the only instrument in this piece and is handled, very well in fact, by instrumentalist Matthew Joseph Payne. The are four accordion parts that make up the song, that’s all which is fine. Keeping with the doom/drone styling, there is no rhythm section or pulse to the music. Just four lead accordion parts continuing forth droning on and on. And it’s awesome! The four parts play moving, harmonic chord progressions that are very ominous in voice. The combination of the four parts yields a very overwhelming and massively foreboding sound that without a doubt nails the “doom” feeling that I’m sure Dr. Vasallo was aiming for, just look at the title of the piece. The timbre of the accordion yields a very romantic, majestically royal and medieval, gothic and sorrowful feeling, at least to me. The image this piece evokes in my mind is that of the deathbed of a great King, whose death signifies the casting of an entire kingdom into darkness. Some movie producer should snatch up this piece for his next Lord of the Rings ripoff blockbuster.

Anyways, check out the video of the “Doomcordion” and another of Dr. Vasallo’s pieces, “Only One Survives” provided here as well. Also check out Oblivion, Dr Vasallos death metal band, who released their debut album “Called to Rise” this year, check out our review of said album here ( I’ve included one of the bands music videos as well. Dr. Vasallo makes a ton of bad ass music, so check out his youtube account if you want more. Okay I’ve given you all the tools to find this stuff. That’s all I got.

– Trisolino

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