Beheading The Traitor's latest upload brought us some heaviness from Florida's metal heavyweight Ovid's Withering. The new track, called “Grothis, The Insatiable”, is dark and heavy as to be expected. It's taken form the band's forthcoming EP “Terraphage”. Nt one could explain the concept behind the EP better than the band themselves. Here's their statement:


“The story behind Terraphage (our EP) will be an ongoing tale stemming from our full-length. Basically, it is our concept behind the death of Greek mythology, and the birth of our own mythology.. which will continue on through the next full-length album. We took a big chance releasing something off the EP, because we know its very different from our full-length…but be advised, each song on Terraphage will have a very different feel, reflecting the new Ovidian god that each song represents. Grothis was our first”.


Check out the new track below and watch out. The amount of heaviness headed your way may be dangerous.



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