I don’t think anyone in the world is unfamiliar with the recent story surrounding Randy Blythe. The incarceration in the Czech Republic on charges that obviously wouldn’t stick in any rational court was really only the beginning. Randy spent a significant time in jail and had to shell out a huge sum of money to make bail. This actually ended up bankrupting the band and it seems like the guys aren’t out of the water yet with this one. Check the interview with Chris Adler I linked to below if you want more details on that.  Now is the best time to pick up some merch and support the band.

What stuck out more than the accusations was the honorable way Blythe handled the adversity thrown at him. From the beginning it was obvious that though this tragic accident was an awful mishap, it could in no way be blamed on the actions of Randy Blythe. Rather than run from the obvious overzealous prosecution, Randy faced the justice system head on with the honor he often speaks of. In the end, Blythe was acquitted and proved himself to be a class act.

Often when musicians appear to be intelligent, either in their lyrics or in the press, further examination reveals this to be not true. A lot of musicians, even the ones who seem smart, really aren’t all that intelligent. Well now we have our chance with Randy Blythe. Next year an as of yet untitled memoir will be released. This book was entirely written by Blythe with no ghost or co writers, according to a press release revealing the book. The focus will be on the last year of his life, featuring a lot of his trial and prison experience. No surprise there. This is the best opportunity to get a really good look into Blythe’s mind. Look for the upcoming memoir in 2014.


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