Sean Hall (ex-Elitist) has released his second solo EP titled “Beneath The Solace.” This (largely) instrumental album is full of exquisite guitar licks over both djenty attacks and metal rhythms. This stuff makes it easy to shift your mind from the present. It’s an exhilarating, yet relaxing escape.

Mr. Hall has a recognizable style in his music that I can’t get enough of. It really is hard to not make the comparison to Elitist’s early days, the part he played in the outcome of their music is undeniable. But even so, both parties are winning.

Influence goes both ways, if you take notice,the beginning of track “Eden: The Descent” a classical piano “Xenomorphs” into a guitar riff, sounding familiar to Elitist’s “Sacred Geometry” where the piano forms after the guitar. These similarities only make sense because Hall still works closely with Julian Rodriguez (Elitist), the engineer behind the album. The two have a side project called “Wolves & Embers” which has not exactly put out, but the ideas and bond between the two guitarist is strong, despite Hall leaving Elitist.

“Beneath The Solace” expands from “Terrestrial” so eloquently, featuring even more diverse guitar layering and more complete design. The amount of times I have listened to “Terrestrial” is waaay up there, alluding that “Beneath The Solace” will be on replay for a while. As it should be. With a track kicking off like “Embers” it’s impossible to turn away. The ending to “Passage :The Traveler” has so much going on, it;s a shot of genius and inspiration. Call it majestic, call it uplifting, call it spacey (not Kevin).

It is good to know that Hall is still perusing music as well as other talents. Apparently, when he isn’t shredding guitar he is a graphic designer / tattoo artist / painter.

There is oodles to discover in “Beneath The Solace’s” 7 tracks. Engineered by and clean vocals by Julian Rodriguez (Elitist). Download that on Bandcamp!

– T.D.

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