The Black Dahlia Murder are in full swing during the album cycle for “Everblack” and the guys are cranking out lots of cool shit for the fans. With the push provided by the release of their fantastic new album “Everblack”, reviewed here by The Circle Pit, The Black Dahlia Murder are further cementing themselves as titans of Melodic Death Metal. The dudes are really steamrolling all who oppose them recently. They’ve just released a hilariously awesome new video for ‘Goat of Departure’, and are continuing their assault with this newest playthrough video for ‘Into the Everblack.’

The video is actually five videos. One for bass, drums, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar. And one more that compiles them all into one video. This video is awesome if you want to learn how to play the sick riffs in this track, see if you can even touch Ryan Knight’s soloing ability, or maybe even if you want to critique newcomers’, Alan Cassidy on drums and bassist Max Levelle, performances. Overall it’s really cool of the band to do this for the fans. In the death metal genre, it’s not always possible to figure out exactly what the musicians are doing. Fans and aspiring Black Dahlia Murder wannabes want to get a more in depth look at the guys’ parts and this video gives it to em.


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