Woooah yeah. We had the pleasure of covering Mayhem Festival about a week ago. And on the ticket was a certain notorious band known as Butcher Babies. I honestly went in not knowing what to expect as we were just transitioning from stage to stage taking pictures and what not. Lo and behold, here come out two smoking hot chicks… and then they start screaming. I’m pretty sure we experienced every metalheads fantasy straight from the photo pit. And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they were going for.

I may have mentioned the band is a bit notorious. Why you ask? Because Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey are known to perform in next to nothing with a modest two strips of tape covering their nipples. Not much is left to the imagination here. However they understandably didn’t perform like that at Mayhem. The backing band members also fall in with the shock metal approach looking like a mix between Marilyn Manson’s outfit and Motionless In White.

The music itself is like a cross between Thrash and Metalcore with a few more elements thrown in the loop. They dropped their debut album “Goliath” through Century Media Records not too long ago. Feel free to sample some tracks below and show the band support if you dig. These ladies are soooo damn metal \m/

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