I feel like the Women Who Mosh segment keeps on getting heavier. We have a special treat for you today…

Leslie Medina and Kimberly Orellana play straight up Blackened Death Metal in the Los Angeles-based Insentient. In fact, they lead the band. Founder Leslie covers both guitar work and the harsh vocals while Kimberly also handles guitar duties. One would imagine this means they also cover the lion’s share of writing. And the music is rad, drawing comparisons to legends such as Death and Hypocrisy.

Going strong since 2009, the band has been making notable buzz up and down the west coast underground. They’ve shared the stage with many bands. This includes a showing alongside Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, and Fallujah this Saturday in Whittier, CA. Be there \m/

I guess with such an underground live presence it shouldn’t be a surprise that a Youtube search for Insentient will draw nothing but live videos. But luckily I managed to locate their EP “Remnants” on Reverbnation and embedded below. Enjoy!

Banner photo credits go to the legendary Silvia Paveri.

Links: Facebook // Merch // iTunes // Reverbnation