The replacement for ex-Anthrax lead guitarist Rob Caggiano, who has now joined mainstream metal outfit Volbeat, has been announced. And it’s no surprise. Shadows Fall lead guitarist Jon Donais has been touring with the band for about half a year now. So it makes plenty of sense that he has now been announced as the official lead guitarist for the thrash metal veteran band.

According to Donais the change has been very amicable. Caggiano has been using skype, according to comments made to guitarworld, to help Donais learn some of his solos and riffs. In the same article, Donais says that the other members of Shadows Fall have been very supportive of the switch to Anthrax, so at least we know no one’s feelings are hurt in this whole arrangement.

Earlier this year Anthrax released the “Anthems” EP. This was a cover EP featuring mostly 70s rock songs. Scott Ian has indicated that the band will begin working on an album this year that will be released in 2014. Don’t forget about Anthrax!


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