For those of you who haven’t heard, Victory Records and Between The Buried And Me have stormed the airwaves once again. B.T.B.A.M.’s unmatched technical ability is being enjoyed once again by progressive metal fans everywhere with the release their new greatest hits album “Snapshot.”

This release leaves no metal head dumbfounded in confusion, grasping for understanding of its meaning because “Snapshot” lives up to its name perfectly as it is precisely a glimpse of the band’s musical genius from the last decade. This epic re-release of B.T.B.A.M.’s work includes ten mind-blowing tracks from previous CDs such as, “The Silent Circus”, “Alaska”, “Colors”, and “The Great Misdirect”.

Aside from the ten tasty tracks, this album also comes fully loaded with four collectable images, or snapshots, of North Carolina’s proggy metal all-stars.

For information regarding the purchase of this album visit here or the Victory Records’s Facebook page.


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