Craving some extreme heaviness? Follow “The Black Path” and experience Insectile Death Metal. Dark, and unforgiving, the music burrows into the depths of your mind. It will show you a steamrolling metal force, fierce riffs, and bitter technicality surrounded in an atmospheric catalyst with hints of nostalgic melody and shred.

Boreworm is a dangerous four piece hailing from the hive known as Michigan. I’ve been meaning to review this one for awhile. I discovered Boreworm back when their guitarist Michael Bielenda (ex-The Yellow Sign bassist) was posting destructive, shred worthy play throughs on Youtube. After being floored by the sheer amount of metal I was witnessing, I put them on the front page of The Circle Pit. And here we are again.

The first track is the title track. The “Black Path” immediately envelops you in an ominous atmosphere as your worst fears descend overhead. Or for the sake of Insectile Death Metal, a shit ton of bugs coming to destroy you. Then the music itself destroys you, slamming into your eardrums with a metal edge. Blast beats, technical aptitude, and flat out heaviness all come into play with the force of explosives rocking the underground. Then a solo cuts in with a swift change of dynamics. It’s immediately clear that Boreworm is largely unpredictable in their methods. You may expect certain elements, but you never know when they’ll strike (sting? bite?). This remains true for the majority of the EP.

The band’s Black Metal influence really comes into play during the opening of the second track “Xenophagia”. Then with merciless, unfeeling intellect it transitions to pummeling heaviness. One of the EP’s best soundscapes / solos are also in this song.

“Hive Conduit” is a dangerous trip into the inner workings of a hive mind. The metal is strong in this one \m/ It’s hectic and scathing for the first half with eerie, melodic embellishments interspersed. Then it opens up to the source of melody, closing the song out with intricacies and eventually just atmospheric tension bringing in the next song and introducing the end. “Clandestine” was written on an apocalyptic scale. It may be the fiercest track on the EP with an absolutely relentless nature and only the briefest glimpses of melody. It has a twisted, empirical feel to it that would make the perfect backdrop to a worldwide Boreworm invasion. In fact, the majority of this EP would be suitable for such a cause.

There aren’t too many downsides here unless you’re allergic to some good Tech Death. Segments of the EP may be harder to get into than others as there’s a lot going on. But patience and the replay button are worthwhile here. Some holy shit! moments will ensue. Sparse moments will feel run of the mill but these things happen. Overall, this is a stellar effort for Boreworm’s debut.

As I’ve said… if the heaviness strikes your fancy, follow “The Black Path” right here or on Bandcamp! Also as noted before, Boreworm has proven to be a somewhat unpredictable death unit so definitely keep your eyes and ears open for what may come next \m/

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