There’s a new Born of Osiris single on the loose. Similar to the first single “M∆chine”, “Divergency” is a considerably straightforward Born of Osiris track packing in some good ol’ off-time heaviness with plenty of keyboard breakdowns. There are also melodic segments reminiscent of their previous record “The Discovery”.

Unfortunately, there’s a segment at the end of the track that will likely divide listeners. You can really tell notorious producer Joey Sturgis got his hands on this one… There’s a dubstep section. Some people love it. Some people hate it.

For those in the later category, there’s good news. The full album teaser shows this is the second track of the album and that things progress greatly as the record moves on. The opening songs (aka the singles released thus far) are the fun ones. Example, “M∆chine” was ∆wesome live. So mosh it up as August 20th approaches! Tomorrow We Die ∆live.

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