Legendary British metal band Carcass has just dropped another single from their upcoming return, after 17 years, to the world of recorded music. The band’s newest song off of “Surgical Steel” has been released and is titled “Unfit for Human Consumption.” That’s a pretty ironic title, considering the fact that Carcass is one of the most revered bands of all time. And the new song is pretty awesome to boot.

“Unfit for Human Consumption” really sounds like a track off the album that should have followed “Heartwork.” Which I’m pretty sure this album is going to sound like. I’m certainly not complaining at all. Even today, Carcass still has a completely unique sound that, though consistently and relentlessly ripped off and copied, still stands out defiantly as Carcass. This track is very enjoyable and I can’t imagine “Surgical Steel” being a bad record based on what I’ve heard so far. But a remarkable comeback by Gorguts, and a ridiculous Carcass-esque album by Exhumed have provided some stiff competition for Carcass’ return.


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