Deathgrind titans Cattle Decapitation released one of the best albums of last year in case you’ve forgotten. “Monolith of Inhumanity” was an absolutely crushing offering that managed to crush all other contemporary’s releases in its path and even include some emotional depth.

Cattle Decapitation caused quite a stir with the release of their first music video for track “Forced Gender Reassignment.” This extremely NSFW video, which I haven’t even bothered to link here, got the promotional wheels stirring quite fast. People couldn’t stop talking about the ridiculous new Cattle Decapitation video. The next video for “Kingdom of Tyrants” was stunning and is truly a work of art.

And now they guys have released a video for another great piece of their album, the song “Your Disposal.” This video is based upon the concept of Adam and Eve but approaches it a grotesque fashion. This video isn’t NSFW but it’s still pretty grimy as is standard Cattle Decapitation stuff. I’d suggest you check this one out.


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