Enjoy psychedelic music? You’re going to enjoy Crossing The Event Horizon. They’ve more or less perfected the psychedelic approach… and they’ve barely even started. Propelled deep into the void by super talented guitarists Joe Vanderhoff and Patrick Phillips along with beastly fretless bass player Sagar Nadgir, this band constructs a brand of creative psychonaut progressive metal like you’ve never heard before. The music is mind blowing and original. No metal band has ever broken into the other side quite like this.

There have been some major developments in the CTEH camp of late. I’ll let the artists themselves explain…


Hello friends! Announcement time! We have a new line-up.

Patrick Phillips – Guitars/Vocals

Joe Vanderhoff – Guitars/Vocals

Khaled Hijaab – Bass

Chevance Smith – Drums

Mac Book – Synths

We’ve been working on getting the songs down and acquiring the necessary equipment for everything to sound as good as possible, both for our forthcoming album and our live shows. The support and encouragement we’ve received over the years in the online world gives us hope that we will be able to take the band to the next level now that we have a drummer. The time that this will take is largely dependent on our ability to pay for what we need.

We’ve made a GoFundMe page at (http://www.gofundme.com/ctehalbum) so that if our music has affected you in a positive way, you can help us continue to grow and be able to give you much more in the future. We will take note of anyone who donates and they will receive something in return…not sure what yet but we’ll figure it out as things progress! See you soon.

-Crossing The Event Horizon


Crossing The Event Horizon have also released five of their incredible
demo tracks for FREE! Take a listen below and grab them all on Bandcamp! And if you want more, check out Soundcloud and Soundclick.

There’s no telling where this band will go, but you’ll want to be along
for the trip. Stay tuned.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Soundclick // Youtube