As if we needed any more convincing of Devin Townsend’s absolutely ridiculous productivity level, we’ve made it to his next release already. We probably won’t get a new album this year maybe we’ll get another two next year. But what is available this year, and available for pre-order right now, is the video experience of the one off “The Retinal Circus” performance, soon to be released to those who couldn’t catch it on DVD/Blu-Ray.

The first snippet of “The Retinal Circus” is the song ‘Grace’ and I was blown away by the fantastic performance and circus-esque performance. Contortionists, video screens, choirs, and spark shooter things make up the crazy background performance that accents the spot on musical recreation of the song done by Devin and friends. Check that out for a taste. If you like it pre-order it, and if you want to hear what the crazed genius Devin himself has to say about the project, check out his own words in the project’s biography, it’s an interesting read. Both the pre-order and biography are linked down below.


Links: Facebook // Pre-order // Project Biography