Ridiculous death metallers Exhumed are back with another fantastic gore themed death n roll styled slab of grimy metal. Relapse Records will release Exhumed’s newest record “Necrocracy” this coming Tuesday, August 6th. To get those record sales up, Relapse, Exhumed and Metalsucks have all partnered up to give fans an early peek at the album. “Necrocracy” is available for streaming in its entirety! You can find the album stream here.

I’m spinning this one as I type this and I’m really loving it so far. This is some really solid material. I’m seriously initially impressed by the shred and soloing. The songwriting is really cohesive and the production is fantastic so far in my eyes. Definitely check out this album if you’re into death metal, I can’t imagine any metal fan, and especially death metal fan, could play through this thing and not find something intriguing. Keep an eye open for this one on Tuesday.


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